Friday, November 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn PART 2

Yes I am a "Twilight Fan". No there is nothing you could tell me that would make me feel bad about it!! Ha ha!
I was able to see the new movie "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" last night with a group of girls from church. (yes a group... a BIG group) It is kind of a tradition that we go in a group to go and see the movie. Ever since I moved into the ward I have gone to see the movie with them. The other part of the tradition is that we have a movie MARATHON. The movie theater sets this up for us and we LOVE it! There are always TONS of people waiting out for the midnight (or in this case the 10 P.M.) showing ALL DAY LONG... and we get in get our seats... get to relax... and watch all the movies to prepare us for the NEWEST!
This year I was really looking forward to it, I sent Matt all the info and planned on getting a ticket... however about a week before the showing he told me that was the SAME night he had a meeting in Madera for school. So I was just waiting around to see when the meeting was and when he would be back crossing my fingers. So LUCKILY I did not buy a ticket... because I missed EVERY MOVIE but the last one! AND I ended up able to take someone else's ticket that was not able to make it... SCORE!!~
I made it to the theater 15 minutes before the showing... I was SO ready to let this part of my life be full filled!! I started reading the books because of my sister SHARON (the one on a mission SHOUT OUT FLORIDA) before I was pregnant with Landon. He is almost FOUR... so this is a LONG time coming to see the movies played out.
YES... I know the first movie was BAD. But I still loved it and watched all the other movies. OF COURSE these things are not possible... this is not real life... but I have to admit I got sucked in and I love it!! SO... I have to say THIS LAST movie was the BEST of the whole Twilight Saga!! I was watching Taylor Lautner on a talk show and he mentioned that there was a "TWIST"... MAN the twist was good!!
I wish I would have re-read the book before going to the movie because I almost needed a reminder. It was nice watching the movie not sure what was going to happen next... I laughed... I almost cried... and I almost had a heart attack! I know I said spoiler alert at the top, but I do not want to ruin it for anyone who has not seen the movie yet!
My recommendation if you are a TWILIGHT FAN... GO SEE IT! MIND BLOWN!!
LOVED the ENDING! Perfect way to finish off the series! Looking forward to possible spin offs with all the new characters introduced in the last book! I love me some Stephanie Meyer!!
In case you did not know... I am STILL TEAM JACOB!!

(still wearing it the next day!!)

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Lindsey and Jared said...

Oh man! At the first part of the "twist", I was PISSED. I may or may not have sworn outloud! haha Good thing things worked out or I would have been boycotting it. I ended up loving the movie though :)