Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Craft ~

My son has a play-group every Friday. Myself and three other friends rotate watching the kids for a few hours in the morning so the other moms can get a little break in the week! This worked out PERFECTLY for me because Friday is my CLEAN DAY!! I have a routine down now!
~ I wake up and Start Laundry
~ I get Hailey and Landon "ready for the day"
~ I switch over the Laundry before we drop Hailey off for school
~ We come home and finish getting Landon ready for his play-group and hopefully switch the Laundry over again...
~ Drop little man off (except when it is my turn for Play-Group... then my house does not get clean)
~ I hit the bathrooms, then sweep, then hand mop all while working the Laundry...
~ If I have time before I get Landon I vacuum the house...
I have a FOCUS room every Friday that I just switch around. The kids rooms, the kitchen, my room, the bathrooms, and the family room. I make sure to do a DEEP clean of at least one room! My house is not PERFECT, but it is mostly clean!
this post is about a Christmas Craft that I did TODAY when it was MY turn for Play-Group!!
(see how easily I get sidetracked these days...)

I asked Landon what he wanted to make and he said a Christmas Tree. I knew one of the others mothers was planning on doing something with Santa, another was going to make Gingerbread Houses (we missed out on that one because of Vacation) so I thought that a Christmas Tree was the PERFECT thing to start off with!!
Then I remembered something I had made in Kindergarten. These kids are only THREE years old, they are beginning to learn to count... so WE are going to make Christmas Tree Countdown!
This craft was SUPER EASY and I had everything on hand!
Green Paper... CHECK!
Red Paper... CHECK!
Yellow Paper... CHECK!
I had originally planned for the kids to color the Christmas Tree however they would like... THEN I remembered something REALLY COOL...
What is THAT you ask... hit the hyperlink to see... 
or prepare for me to AMAZE you with this new product description...
Have you ever wished that the Puffy Paint you have would just STAY exactly HOW and WHERE you put it? Beads in a bottle is made to kinda do JUST THAT! It is a unique formula that somehow when you put it on your project that it makes self-rounding beads. Like it does not fall flat or run... it takes form and is SO fun for embellishing stuff!!
This is really made for Fabric or Jewelry  but I figured HEY... those would make PERFECT Christmas Lights on our little Christmas Tree Countdown Things!!
So easy even a group of THREE year old's can do it!
These bottles are easier to squeeze for little hands, and they made PERFECT ornaments!!
Landon LOVED making His! He went a little Beads in a Bottle Crazy, but it was a FUN easy craft!!
We put 25 chain links under the Christmas Tree so the kids could tear one down every night in December!
That was fun helping the kids tape and link those suckers... I tried having them write numbers on the links, then we just decided getting it in a pattern was going to be work enough!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! and Happy Crafting!!

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