Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving ~

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!
We were able to have FAMILY come over!! John & Ally Jensen, and a "special guest"
I will be referring to the "special guest" as S.G. He is a little foster boy John & Ally have the pleasure of being able to help right now.
 We divided the CHORE of cooking all the meal and it was
 SO nice to relax most of the day...
Doing HALF duty for Thanksgiving is my kind of Thanksgiving!! 
We had EVERYTHING you would ever want, and these pictures do not even show the desserts!!
 Hailey was in charge of setting the table. She picked out the RED table cloth and put all the things out (with help from Daddy of course) We had contemplated getting out our nice China we got for our wedding that has NEVER BEEN USED... but with kids I was too worried to let them be the first ones to TRY OUT my $80.00 a place setting Wedding China... so we just had the REGULAR old stuff we use everyday!
And I must have put down the camera in a "Landon Friendly Area" because he turned the sucker on and got a few pictures of his own. He has become quite the photographer!! The pictures above are courtesy of Landon Bird Photography. You will notice Hailey is helping to feed "S.G." The kids sure loved having a little baby around. It makes me think that this little one will be LOVED when SHE gets here... :)
It was a nice relaxing day! The boys did a little "Black Friday" shopping Thanksgiving night while the girls just relaxed the night away!
SO THANKFUL for my little blessings!!

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The Jensens said...

John mentioned to me the other day that he really liked having Thanksgiving with you guys :-) Thanks for protecting S.G.'s identity! It's kind of a pain to have to tell everyone not to post pictures of him on fb and blogs....except for pictures where his face is strategically covered :-)