Sunday, November 18, 2012

Y.W. in Excellence

Our Y.W. Presidency has been PLANNING for this event for MONTHS!
Young Women's in Excellence is a yearly celebration we have to showcase the girls working on Personal Progress. And it is a celebration of the girls that received their Personal Progress Medallions that year as well. My main thought was
 "How can I show these girls how important Personal Progress is to their Daily Lives?" 
We decided our Theme was going to be "Becoming YOU through Personal Progress"
We also decided on a black and white color scheme.
(It quickly turned into Black and White Polka Dots after I went shopping for the decorations!)
We made a special gift for each girl to remember the night with. I saw this wording "Be-YOU-tiful" on Pinterest and I REALLY wanted to make something to give the girls with that. Those signs are HOMEMADE! We cut, sanded, painted, stuck on the vinyl, and put ribbon on each one ourselves. (ok, i have to admit our husbands cut them down, but we did everything else!) We also had AMAZING treats thanks to our Secretary Kimmy Sorensen. She is co-owner of a local cupcake business All Things Frosted. I LOVE her cupcakes! And she and my second counselor Katrina Reider made sure we had plenty to drink!!
 The girls were asked to pick a value and then present and display something they did (either an experience or the project) for that value. I think at first the girls were a little worried about what we were asking them to do. I had prepped them for 2 months. They were to go on stage and talk for 1-2 minutes about that value, what they did, and how personal progress has helped their lives...
 It was SO fun to see these girls LIGHT up on the stage. We had a few girls that were sick or had prior engagements that were not able to attend. However, I have to say EACH and EVERY girl that go up to share with us about personal progress touched my heart! These girls are SO amazing and it is nice to know we have young women in the world choosing the right path
 We have had one girl receive her Young Womanhood Medallion since we were put in as leaders. We had her display her own table and she got a special Willow Tree statue for her hard work! She had made a decision when she became a YW that she would complete the Personal Progress Program while she was a Beehive. She kept that promise with herself and finished a little bit before her 14th birthday.
We also had some special Musical Numbers. Two of our girls did a Piano and Oboe duet that was BEAUTIFUL! And all our YW and Leaders sang a song His Image in your Countenance. Our Bishop ended the night and we were able to eat and mingle. I am SO thankful for these girls in my life! I LOVE being YW President and I know they are changing lives of others around them just by being amazing!

I would like to thank ALL the people who helped plan, set up, take down, and help have the evening run smoothly! We would not be able to do this without support from our ward! GREAT JOB CLOVIS 3rd YW! You are THE BEST!!


Lindsey and Jared said... are making me miss Young Women's! It looks like it turned out beautifully!

Susan said...

What a great event! I'm totally impressed w/ the decorations & everything. Very cute.