Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I hope they call me on a mission...

So I realized this today...
My baby brother Preston Bryan Andersen is going to be serving a mission here real quick!
My sister Sharon Andersen has a year left on her mission...
I will have two siblings on missions!!

I am so excited, yet freaking out at the same time... two of my favorite people in this world gone at the same time... my heart breaks a little every time I think about it.

So friends... it is that time again...
Where do you think Preston is going to serve?

The Bird Family guesses:
Matt ~ stateside Spanish speaking
Melissa ~ Spanish speaking... South America
Hailey ~ Florida with auntie Shar-shar
Landon ~ at the temple in California
Kylie ~ she told me at two weeks old that she thinks he will serve in the FRESNO, CA Mission.

Where ever you serve Preston we know those people are going to get an AMAZING missionary! So excited for you to step into the next faze in your life! CALLED TO SERVE!!
The BIRDS are your BIGGEST FANS!!~~
~ Melissa

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3richardsons said...

I'm guessing South America too, maybe Brazil.