Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fresno State with my Sisters ~

This Halloween my sisters Crystal and Sharon came to visit us. Fresno State was having a Day Game on Halloween, so we thought it would be fun to go! Neither of my sisters had attended a College Football Game before, so they were in for a BIG treat! This is just our Happy Little Family. Matt holding Landon and Me holding Hailey. I love how happy the kids are! :)
And this is Sharon holding Landon and Crystal next to her. These are my baby sisters, and I love them!! Luckily I was able to share my shirts with them so we ALL had Fresno State Pride!
And we HAD to wear the Bulldog Tattoo's on our faces!!
Hailey LOVES the games, she does pretty well for staying around our seat area for a whole Football Game! This is her giggling! LOVE IT!
And this is her playing on the steps. She would walk up and down about 5 steps away from our seats! She enjoyed wearing her Cheerleader outfit too!!
Fresno State Pulled out another win for the season! It was a nail-bitter but THEY WON!!

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