Monday, November 16, 2009

We put in an Offer ~

So, we have been house hunting as you all know, and we put an Offer in on a house today! ~ WOW I know right?! Yeah, we are a little worried, but I am a FIRM believer in "Whatever happens is meant to be!"
There were a few houses that I LOVED, but they got offers quick, so I let them go. Matt and I do not look at a house if it is in "Escrow" or in the "Accepting Backup Offers" stages. We just hope other people think the same thing when they are house hunting like us.

This house is a little bit harder to get an offer in on. You have to be pre-qualified with Bank Of America. And BofA is TERRIBLE with getting back to people in a timely manner. So if you do not have an Pre-Approval from them already... GOOD LUCK getting one! Our Mortgage Rep. works will all kinds of banks, so he is able to get us an approval through them.

This house is ON Fowler... to all my Fresno peeps it is on Fowler and Sierra close by Mickey Cox Elementary School. And when I say ON FOWLER, I mean it is ON a semi- major street. This concerns me a little, but the house is back enough off the street, and hubby PROMISES to make me a "horseshoe driveway" so I am no longer AS stressed!! It is a one story, 4 bedroom with a Bonus Room (that will be my CRAFT room) The Kitchen is HUGE, and the Laundry Room is like a mini bedroom! It has 2.5 bathrooms, and they will be needing the MOST love . . . It has a drive through garage, meaning we can drive the boat to the backyard through the garage (a plus for the hubby for sure) with a nice area of grass and a nice patio area as well. It is all ready for my Garden too! :)

I LIKE the house, Matt LOVES the house... I just see all the things that I would like done... carpet, bathrooms, kitchen remodel ... maybe one day I can say I LOVE the house too! :) It might be a while before we hear anything . . . Bank Of America will for sure take their LOVELY time! ~

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