Monday, November 2, 2009


My Parents have been Married 30 Years today!! They are SUCH WONDERFUL Examples to me and my siblings I wanted to give them a tribute!! The 30 things we love most about them ...
30. They are KIND to everyone they meet.

29. They were married in the Logan Temple, and showed us that it was important to get Sealed to your future spouse for Time and Eternity.

28. They had 5 girls and 1 boy! (I always tease they could have stoped at me because they had pro-created perfection when I was born, but I am thankful for my BIG family)

27. They serve in their Church callings willingly, and do a GREAT job at whatever they are asked to do!!

26. They taught me how to really LOVE my children.

25. My Mom made sure our hair was done before we left the house, and when she was gone; our Dad would TRY to help with our hair...

24. They held Family Home Evening almost EVERY week growing up . . .

23. Whenever there is a Birthday in the Family (children, grandchildren, son-in-laws) they take us out to celebrate that person's special day.

22. They NEVER expected or expect us now to be Perfect... only to TRY our best.

21. They forgive us for the STUPID things we did, and LOVE us for who we are today!

20. They BOTH worked hard to support the family financially.

19. They taught us the importance of Saving Money for a rainy day.

18. My dad being the GREAT Accountant he is, taught us how to Budget our Money as well. I have shared his Budget Sheet with friends and they appreciate it too!

17. My mom being the GREAT cook she is, made sure before I left the house to marry that I knew how to cook!! She made all her kids " Recipe Books" one year for Christmas with all her recipes she made for us throughout the years! I use this thing at least 4 times a week! Best Present EVER! ~

16. They took us on Fun Family Vacations. Usually to Utah or Idaho... good times.

15. They respected our wishes, and never forced us to do anything we did not want to do.

14. They changed LOTS of Dirty Diapers in all those years... and they STARTED changing with CLOTH diapers... (this one sticks out the most for me because that is the part of "LIFE" I am currently enjoying :)

13. They drove us the places we needed to be... SIX kids... Mutual, Sports, Work, School, Seminary, Girls Camp, Boy Scouts... and they are STILL driving kids around. . .

12. They Understand that we are going to have problems in our Relationships, and they do not try to get into our business. Instead, they taught us to work on our problems, and love and support us as parents should.

11. They encourage us to Spread our Wings and try new things.

10. They taught us the importance of "Chores" when we were young, and I know that has molded me to teach my kids as well!

9. They attended the Temple Regularly, and showed us that was important to do as well.

8. They Support our every decision. They do not always agree with choices we make, but when we make them, they support us as much as they can.

7. They Kiss each other whenever one spouse comes home from an outing. I remember that my mom would always kiss my dad as soon as he came home from work. (I try to do the same with Matt, it is not as easy as one would think)

6. They make plans to visit their grandchildren, and be there for special occasions.

5. They are the BEST example I have when it comes to parenting. I find myself saying the things my mother used to say to me, and I do not mind it. I actually think it is great that I am turning out like my mom! :)

4. They are always willing to babysit for us to get a break. In fact they are going to watch my two CRAZY kids in January when we go on a cruise!!

3. They always respect each other. This does not mean that they agree on everything, but they really do try to see and understand the other persons point of view.

2. They SHOW each other that they love each other often. (My dad has made my mom a "mixed tape" recently, it was a CD of love songs new and old)

1. They have showed us through example what TRUE LOVE really is.

We are SOOO excited they got to share 30 years together,
and we look forward to the next 30 years to come!


Lindsey & Jared said...

Yay!!! How sweet you are : )
They are good parents, so you're right about that. I mean, heck, they helped raise me too! Now the question do I get a hold of the budget sheet and cookbook???

SuzQuez said...

All those were so sweet!! Send me the cookbook and budget sheet too!! : )

Kristen said...

The one above was actually me... I am visiting my mom and forgot to sign her out! : )