Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving is for the Birds ~

This year was the year we spent Thanksgiving with the Bird side of the family. And this year also happened to be they year the Bird Family was planning a BIG Extreme Home Makeover for Grandma and Grandpa Bird. We heard about this, and we were excited that we would be able to see other extended family for the Thanksgiving Break.
Almost EVERYONE was in attendance at one point during the Makeover. The Schedule went a little like this:

~Get up, get breakfast wherever you were staying, and head over to G&G Birds house for an early devotional to start off the day.

~WORK WORK WORK until you could not do anything else, then head to the Local Church house for a wonderful Lunch. Provided by Aunt Nadine! (she rocks, all the food was GREAT) And not only did she provide the food, she also decorated the tables for each gathering!

~After lunch head back to the house to WORK WORK WORK, and then back to church for dinner, then back to WORK, then home when you could do no more work that day.

Here is Hailey enjoying her Thanksgiving Dinner. She liked the Olives the best!!
And this is her shortly after the Dinner. She had spent the whole day playing with cousins and cousins in law. Matt's cousin Lucy and her husband Rob have children the same age and gender as our kids. Hailey got to play with Isabelle their daughter, and they TIRED each other out!!
This is Landon after Dinner. He was napping in Grandpa Bird's arms most of the Dinner, and so that is why he was SO awake and excited in this picture. I was not able to help much at the makeover house because I was watching the kids. I have to admit it was a lonely Thanksgiving, but I know in the spirit of THANKS-GIVING I was where I needed to be, doing what I needed to be doing. It was great to see everyone and enjoy the little time we got to share with each other.
Aunt Jeanine Parker brought toys to the church for the kids to play with. It was nice for Landon to see what BOY TOYS actually look like! One of his favorite toys in the group was this Superman/Batman Cape. Jeanine put this on him, and he LOVED it! He strutted all over the place, and was just TOO much fun to watch!
He is SUCH a silly kid. He is just a Happy-Go-Lucky baby, and brings SO much joy and fun into our lives! Here he is HAMMING it up!!
Aunt Jeanine decided that he needed to have the cape, and we were SOOO excited that she gave it to us. Hailey LOVES to wear the cape too! GOOD TIMES! ~

We left the Extreme Home Makeover area, and headed to Sacramento to see my family Friday evening. My little sister Nicole and her husband Brian came to visit from Caldwell, Idaho. So it really was a Thanksgiving Treat to see LOTS of family we don't usually get to see.
We had not been to visit family since before my Birthday, so we arranged to have my Birthday Dinner at the China Buffet. This is the same place we went for Matt's Birthday in June. It was SOOOO good! I am upset because I never even thought about pulling out the camera for pictures at the Andersen's. I guess we just got to having so much fun it totally slipped my mind. (I am sure Aunt Sharon got some pictures... I might have to see if she can send some my way.) Hailey got to play with her cousin Katelyn, and enjoyed that alot! Katelyn is almost a year younger than Hailey, but they were about the same size. They played together as well as little toddlers CAN play together.
ALSO I got to see that new movie NEW MOON on Saturday! Jacob is SO hot right now! I went with my mom and my sisters. The only sister missing was Tiffany. It was a good movie! SOOO Much better than Twilight! It was also funny, that made it REALLY enjoyable! After the movie we decided Sharon and I needed to make shirts that said " Bella is Dumb... I would have picked Jabob!" To my Twilight Friends who have seen the movie, I have a good story for you... You know the part where Bella falls off the bike, and Jacob runs to her rescue and has to pull off his shirt to clean up her blood... Well my little sister Sharon yells "YEAHHHHH!" once he takes his shirt off to which I respond "NOW CUT YOUR HAIR!" Good Times People... GOOD TIMES!
We also got to head to Orangeville to visit with my cousins and Uncle and Aunt that live there. Uncle Brad invited us to watch the BYU football game. He has four kids, two of which I have not see for over two years due to them serving missions. It was nice to see them. We got Costco Hot dogs for the game, and I have to say I really love Costco Dogs! They just seam to hit the spot if you know what I mean!
We went to church with them, and had a great dinner after. We made Turkey Pot Pie from Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey! YUMMMOOOO!! THANKS to everyone for the FUN FILLED HOLIDAY SEASON! I hope Thanksgiving was full of Thanks and Giving for everyone!!

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