Friday, November 6, 2009

Mortgage Lenders ~

We went to see our Mortgage Lender last night. We have been house hunting, and one of the pieces to the puzzle to buy a house is getting the Lending right?? So we started the search of houses, we should start the search for the perfect loan now!! :)

We were reffered to this guy by our Relator, and we really like him!! His name is Brain, and we look forward to signing all the papers soon!! Brian was VERY suprised that we had such good credit scores. He was also astonished that owe on anything but our condo. He asked us why we were not in debt, and Matt responded that our Church Leaders have counseled us to not get into debt, and only buy things we could afford. He was also impressed that I walked into his office with my Black Tote that has EVERYTHING in it. It's my Little Black Box as I like to call it, and it has PINK file folders with all our important documents. It is MY LIFE I guess in a way. . .

We were worried that the Condo was going to hurt our future purchase because it is REALLY hard to get a loan these days, but it looks like we are IN THE RUNNING to getting our Dream Home! ~ He called me today with the GREEN light!! YEAH! What is left NOW?? Just keep looking I guess!! ~

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Lindsey & Jared said...

YAY!!! How exciting : )
Let me know how the house-hunting goes!