Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009 ~ PART THREE

After all the fun we had with my family, we packed up the car, said our goodbyes and headed to Stockton for the Bird Family Festivities! All the Bird Family was able to come home for "Christmas" so it was a real treat.
We went Saturday evening for "Christmas Eve" Dinner, and just hung out with whoever was around. We wanted to stop by Grandpa and Grandma Birds (Matt's Grandparents) house to see the FINAL product since we left before it was finished at Thanksgiving time. It was nice to visit with them. They really love our kids, and they are so sweet to us. The kids went to be shortly after we got home and Matt and I watched a movie together.
The next day Matt's Parents were up early to head to Oakland to pick up Nathan and Melissa Imel from the airport. We just hung out with Kevin, and played with the kids in the morning. We decided we better get ready for church, and about half an hour before we had to leave everyone showed up. We all went to church together, and I know that made Mom and Dad Bird happy. We came home and got ready to head to UOP for Family Pictures. Whenever we can get all the family together we make sure to take Family Pictures. A family friend took the pictures, and they turned out great!
We went home to enjoy our "Christmas Morning" and had fun watching everyone open presents! Hailey loved her Princess Castle she got. It included a Prince and Princess that were able to dance! It was a HIT! She also got another outfit for her Snap n' Style Doll, and lots of fun things in her stocking! Landon got his first FP Boat, and Bristle Blocks from Grandma and Grandpa, but was too tired to enjoy them! Matt got part of his Lift Ticket from the Tahoe trip covered, and garments and I got a gift card from Marshall's. I KNOW LUCKY GIRL RIGHT?? Now all I need is the time to go alone to shop!!
We had a great Ham Dinner, and enjoyed hanging out with everyone. It would have been better if the kids had gotten their naps because Hailey was NOT a happy camper for dinner. We were not able to squeeze any naps into the busy day! It was a LONG night needless to say! And we are not sure how or why, but we ended up getting sick that night. We were up a few times with the kids, and I was up sick myself too!
Matt was not too sick and went golfing with the boys while I relaxed with the sick kids at home. I had good company, and had a nice time just talking with Melissa and Mom about life. Matt and I headed home that night, and we were thankful to get home... just not thankful to come home to a POWERLESS house! OHHHH The joys of LIFE! Right??

We are SO Thankful to be a part of such GREAT Families! We feel very blessed to have so much love around us. Matt and I have talked alot about when we want to break off and have our own Christmas with our little family, and we are proud to announce that NEXT YEAR... Christmas will be in Fresno! We look forward to starting our own Christmas Traditions with our kids!! We hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas like we did! ~

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Tiffany said...

Landon is getting huge...he may just eat Owen next time they meet up. (Yep, my 16 month old baby is only 19 pounds 6 ounces.)
Christmas at home is wonderful! Highly suggest it. Glad you all had fun.