Saturday, August 27, 2011

Everybody working for the weekend...

MAN yeah we sure are! This week has been a CRAZY HOTT mess!! We had plans every night and YES we made it through the week!!
We went swimming and out to eat Monday Night with our dear friends THE BAKERS! We checked out this Thai place in Fresno... can I just say ~ PINEAPPLE RICE IS AMAZING!! I forget what the restaurant was called; it was on Shaw near the Fashion Fair Mall... I was not crazy about the prices, luckily we had a 25$ gift certificate from that helped make it OK. However, the company was great so that made it amazing!! We did a little shopping at the mall after and I fell in LOVE with this place ~
Charming Charlie
THE MOST ADORABLE PLACE FOR JEWELRY EVA!! They have TONS and TONS of jewelry!! In every color you could EVER WANT!! The displays had me in SHOCK! I was walking around looking at prices and I was in LOVE all over again! It is across from Cheesecake Factory (another guilty pleasure of mine) at the Fashion Fair Mall... YOU NEED THIS STORE!!
We had the kids and hubbies with us, so Lauren and I decided we need to go back ALONE for sure... GIRLS NIGHT ANYONE??
(I am sure there will be a future post dedicated to THIS place)

So then Tuesday Night I had an Arbonne Party. I went to a party a few weeks ago at a friends house and was offered a FREE Firming Body Cream just for having a party. After seeing THESE pictures of before and after stretch marks I was SOOOOOO ready to try it!!
We did Facials and Foot Soaks. It was SO NICE!! We ate and gossiped and had a great time!!
So then on Wednesday Night my friend Lauren had HER Arbonne Party for her to get her free STRETCH MARK CREAM... Let me just say TWO nights of foot scrub relaxation was AMAZING!!
So next comes Thursday Night... BABY SHOWER FOR LAURA FIELD. I went to her baby shower a few weeks ago that her family threw. This party was thrown by some ladies in our ward. It was fun to chat and watch her open cute stuff yet again.... Ahhhh makes me want baby number three....
THEN comes Friday Night... after cleaning and taking care of crabby kids, I was SO ready for Date Night. And what better to do for date night then take the boat out and go wakeboarding!!?? We invited Josh and Kimmy Sorenson and James and Kresta Kraucyk. MAN was it a great night out! Everyone was able to wakeboard ~ meaning that we all got up and I would say kinda enjoyed it... then we did TUBE WARS 2011. Husbands VS. Wives was fun. The Kraucyk's tied, and Kimmy Sorenson beat her husband Josh for sure! Since Matt and I are the drivers of the boat; we did not get in on the spouse action; however Matt and Josh did a little tube war while I drove. I have to admit I was trying to throw Matt, so that may have been why Josh won, but Matt did have fun jumping onto Josh's tube and pulling him off. Then I decided all the girls needed to just have a relaxing run on the tubes so we did this...
Kimmy on one tube, ME straddling both tubes, and Kresta on the other tube...
We tried to all stand up at the same time, but it did not work out as we had planned it. Somehow straddling two tubes does not work when you try to stand up. The two girls were standing, but the second I stood the tubes separated... We still had a BLAST!
It sure has been a NICE LONG week.
Hailey Starts Pre-School AND Ballet this next week... wish us luck!!

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