Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My BIG Pre-School GIRL!! ~

Today was Hailey's FIRST day of Pre-School!!
I know... I know...
So What? Big Deal? It's Only Pre-School!
Well HELLO!! This is a HUGE DEAL at the Bird House!
Momma gets THREE hours TWICE a week with just ONE KID!!!
"Heaven... I'm in Heaven..."
This Momma celebrated rather than crying!
I took Landon to Target and let him play with the toys...
Here are the pictures of my BIG girl ~
 YES, she dressed herself ~
(Princess Shirt, Princess Pink Skirt, Princess Purple Shoes AND Princess Backpack)
 She is SO sweet and was SO ready for her first day of school...
 But not before she picked up some snails and jumped off the rock in the front of our house...
OR before she helped me make and eat some Minnie Mouse Pancakes ~
"Look at me Mom ~ I am ALL ready for school!"
It started off GREAT! We went to Miss Lori's House. When I told her this was her school she said "Mommy, this is not a school, this is a HOUSE!"
So through giggles I said "Well guess what, YOU are so special that you get to go to school at a HOUSE!" to which her reply was
"Oh Mommy, I LOVE IT!" She walked in and said goodbye without ANY TEARS from ANYONE!
When I went to pick her up Miss Lori said she did wonderful!! That is until the end when it was time to clean up; she was not done painting, and had a fit because I was coming to get her soon. (apparently she did not want to leave) Then she was sad about leaving her painting there; it was the first page they were making to put into a special book for pre-school projects, but besides that it was
So happy for my Little Girl to Explore and Grow!!
Now ~ Let's see how THURSDAY goes...

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3richardsons said...

She looks soo cute!I'm so glad that she liked it-Katelyn is the same way with not wanting to leave a fun activity! We thought about sending Katelyn to preschool this year but we really don't have the $ so she is just going to take gymnastics but hopefully next year.