Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Dad is the BEST man I know...

 Seriously... HE is...
I would have done this post ON his birthday,
but because we were SO LUCKY we got to be with him on that special day. 
So the BIRTHDAY WISHES are a little late in 'Blog World'.
 I have to admit being there in person to celebrate was WAY more fun... 
His birthday fell on a Sunday this year, luckily he had to go to early church meetings so we were able to clean up the house and make a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD~PAPA!! sign.
And get a little bit of the meal prepared...
We had a LOVELY dinner and dessert of his choosing and he opened his presents and loved
Hailey was helping him open his presents...

The next night my oldest sister Tiffany was in town with her kids so we decided to celebrate
Dad's Birthday OUT ON THE TOWN!
We went to CHANG'S... ALL OF US...
Mom, Logan Ray, Preston, Dad, Evan Ray, Tiffany Ray, Kimberley Ray...
Kim (again) Crystal, Sharon, Landon, Me and Hailey (Owen Ray not pictured)
We had FAMILY STYLE Dinner and it was AMAZING!!
After I got my pictures for my blog; Hailey decided she wanted to take a few pictures of her own...
Here are the ones that KINDA turned out ~
She is SO going to be just like me; capturing every moment she can. It is nice to get together as a family and celebrate our loved ones. I am beyond thankful for my wonderful father. I love him more and more every time I get to see him. He is truly the BEST man I know...
Here is an ODE to my Dad ~
This is for my hero, my Dad
The best father a kid could ever have
You laughed a lot and kept me happy
Even if some of your jokes were kinda crappy...

You were always there for the important things
And really helped me find my wings
I appreciate the love you have shared
And I always know how much you have cared.

The words THANK YOU are just not enough
And finding the words to say is tough
To try to express the way I feel
It really is something I need to reveal.

So I guess all I can say is this...
I really do not want to miss
The opportunity to share my true
thoughts and say; DAD ~ I LOVE YOU!

Thank you Dad for being AMAZING!

Happy Birthday LOVE the Birds ~

P.S. I hope the new Tool Bench is everything you ever wanted and MORE! :)

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Tiffany said...

Mom and I picked up the tool's pretty awesome!

Tell Hailey she is a great photographer. Maybe we will hire her for Kim's wedding.

It was nice being able to celebrate with Grandpa in person.