Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doodle Bear??

I bet you are all on the EDGE of your seat wondering if Hailey got her Doodle Bear... 
This Mommy is $19.95 RICHER because she DID NOT perform for us.
~Sure she went up EARLY and sat in her seat.
~Sure she sat "STANK FACE" and crossed her hands and said 
"I'm not singing" whenever it was time for a song.
~AND when it was her turn she yelled "It's not my TURN!" 
so everyone KNEW "IT WAS NOT HER TURN"...
~ I also had the AWESOME opportunity to take her off the stage towards the end of the program and take her into a room when she started crying and saying "It's too scary!"

OK!! Call me a bad mom BUT;
I knew she was not going to do it.
The second we pulled up to the church building and she was saying "No"... I knew it.
We had practiced for WEEKS... no really WEEKS on what and where she was to say her line...
I am not kidding WEEKS!!

In Relief Society when I introduced my Mother and Sister I said;
"This is my mother Lisa and my little sister Sharon. 
They came to see Hailey NOT participate in the Primary Program."

The best part??....
AFTER church was over Hailey asked Grandma and I when she would be getting her Doodle Bear. We both let her know that she did not do her part in the program; so she would not be getting it. We told her she would have to wait until Christmas or her Birthday to get one. So she takes us into the Chapel, has us sit in the pews, goes up to the stage and grabs the mic and says "I CAN BE REVERENT" then walks calmly back to where Grandma and Sharon are sitting in the back and says... "Now can I get my Doodle Bear Grandma?"...
"No, but you can have the Hello Kitty Purse because you did it now." Grandma said through giggles.
This kid is CRAZY!!


James and Kresta said...

Ha Ha That's hilarious that she "performed" for you afterwards. She is just too cute!

Lindsey and Jared said...

Oh man! What a spitfire you have! LOL seriously - that is freaking hilarious! Sorry that she didn't do it in the program, but what a great story it made ;)