Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, Friday Night my dear husband came home from work and announced he needed to mow the front and back lawn. I thought to myself ~ Man we have had a busy week and he wants to mow the lawn THEN I remember that my birthday was the next day and he was probably not wanting to leave it for then, so I laid on my bed watching Dr.Phil and waiting for the last load of laundry to dry. We all know Friday is my CLEAN DAY, so by the time Matt gets home I am tired from cleaning all day...
Landon was out with him 'helping' and started knocking on the sliding glass door. I go over to open it and Matt looks at me kinda weird and says "You need to shower." my first thought was ~ REALLY... my 30th birthday is tomorrow and I just got done cleaning this mans house and he is going to tell me I NEED A SHOWER... I gave him the LOOK and he laughed and said "I was hoping you were going to shower without me telling you, but you have friends coming over so you need to go shower." OH ~ TOTAL change of thought... so I have about an hour to get ready before my friends show up... I jump in the shower and get ready...
I think he knew Friday would be the best day because my house would be clean and ready to go for the party...
6:30 hits and my friends start showing up. I was not sure who was coming but I had a pretty good idea... Matt was in the kitchen getting the fixin's ready for BREAKFAST BURRITOS!~ The first to arrive were the BAKERS; Spencer Lauren and sweet baby Morgan. She had gotten her shots earlier that day so when I went up to her she was not the sweet little happy baby that usually comes over. (but fast-forward to cake and ice cream and me feeding her LOTS of it and she was RIGHT back to her normal self!) They brought ice cream and CANDY! THANKS! Then the HARDENS; Mike Amy Ty Logan and Haley show up with CAKE (Costco cake, you know the good stuff) and bacon. And the CUTTS; Brent and Amalia walk in after them with Soda ~ DIET A&W Root Beer (my friends know me so well) and other kinds of drinks. The boys finish up getting things ready and we proceed to EAT and LAUGH and GOSSIP and LAUGH to our hearts content! It was a GREAT NIGHT! ~
While the girls were in the kitchen the boys were watching the BYU v. Idaho game ~ us girls came in near the end of the game and caught the excitement of BYU winning at the VERY END. We talked more and then got the Ice Cream and cake out! ~ ICE CREAM AND CAKE DO THE ICE CREAM AND CAKE... (Sorry, I could not control myself...) Then the DEHMEL'S show up with the BELAIR'S... (Jeanie and Kerry Dehmel have been like our FRESNO parents and I worked with Virginia Belair and her husband Don is just the best!) That was a very nice surprise too!!
The kids played and the adults just talked and had a wonderful time!
 Good Friends = GREAT TIMES! ~
And I did not get many pictures ~ But here are some we got from grabbing out the cell phones! ~


AJ said...

Yay for surprise parties with friends! I hope you had an AWESOME birthday :-) Love you!

Beth Swann said...

I'm so glad Matt made it special for you! Husbands are good like that! Happy 30th!

3richardsons said...

Glad you had a great birthday. I tried to call, a day late but hey it is the thought that counts even if it is late right? Love ya!