Monday, October 10, 2011

Iron On T-Shirt BLING ~

My kids LOVE the Halloween Shirts we see in stores...
Mommy however does not like the prices, AND they are not exactly what we always want.
I let the kids pick out an HALLOWEEN THEMED Iron on Transfers.
Hailey picked a Kitty Cat, and Landon picked a Spider...
 We hit up WALMART for the black shirts $3.88 HOLLA ~
 washed them up and got out our handy dandy Tulip Mini Fashion Iron
and went to work.
The directions were simple and easy to follow. 
Hailey helped me with her shirt and she LOVED it!
 The kids wearing the OFFICIALLY FINISHED PRODUCT ~ 
And after all the HOT things were up and out of the way...
We had a little fun photo shoot!
EASY and FUN craft the kids are able to enjoy!!

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