Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My BIG GIRL is officially BIG...
Today is Hailey's 5th Birthday!
She is just a joy to have around . . . 
(When she is not fighting with her brother or rolling her eyes at me)
Hailey is a BIG helper, in anything I am doing she loved to help me. She cleans her room and arranges all her pillows and animals on her bed. If she makes a mess in a room she will vacuum it all on her own... ( as long as I get the vacuum out and plug it in for her) She can dress herself all by herself, she has been able to do this for a while, but it sure is nice! She likes to brush her teeth, and wash her face. (we help her of course) AND she can go potty alone, at home AND when we are out and about. She loves to color and can write her name. She loves to make "cheer up" cards to send to friends and family. She helps me make dinner often, and can stir all by herself. She loves to watch Octonauts, Angelina Ballerina, Max & Ruby, and Princess Shows. She loves everything Hello Kitty and Disney Princess. She loves to wear my high heals around the house and gets better in walking in them everyday. She loves jewelry and makeup too.
She is a happy HEALTHY girl. She tells me often "Mommy I love you THIS much" and puts her arms out and gives me a hug. She loves when Matt comes home for work and will give him hugs and kisses all the time. She loves animals and it not afraid of holding frogs, hamsters, bunnies, cats or dogs. She was very excited to go to pre-school today because they are visiting the zoo! She is a FREE spirit and does as she likes. We love her SO Much and look forward to all the new things she gets to do!!
This morning for her birthday we decorated the front room and let her open the presents from family.
 She got a Princess Phone from the Ray Family. A cute khaki dress, lipstick and a Pinkalicious Book from the Richardson Family. A Princess Puzzle from Landon. A card with Tinkerbell Stickers from G&G Great Bird. And a card with Barbie Tattoo's from G&G Bird; she will get the rest of her present when we visit them at the end of the month.
 G&G Andersen got her a Black and Pink Sparkle Dress, a Ducky Towel that she loves already, If you give a Cat a Cupcake Book and A Finding Nemo Leapster game. She told Matt he needs to get her new batteries for her Leapster so she can play her new game. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE GIFTS!!
 She was showing me all the letters on the Happy Birthday sign that are in her name . . .
 H. Bird Baby!!
 And as a special treat we got her DONUTS for breakfast!! 
She always gets the Pink one with sprinkles when we go to JUDY'S DONUTS, so I knew just want to get for her!!
We are celebrating her Birthday with Friends at McDonald's later this week.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet girl!


The Jensens said...

Happy birthday Hailey!! I told John on Sunday that Hailey's 5th birthday was coming up and he didn't believe me. 5 years old?! Such a big girl!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have fun at McDonalds with your friends. What a fun day!

3richardsons said...

She is so cute. Your facebook post reminded me that it was her birthday so I really was going to call but we were busy and then Katelyn took a nap and then we forgot and then it was too late. Tell her sorry we didn't call but we were thinking of her and love her! I hope she liked her presents!