Monday, May 14, 2012

MY mothers day...

I have been (or I guess WE have) been SPOILED ROTTEN by ourselves lately, so I told Matt not to go crazy for Mother's Day. Just a little gift would be perfect...
 So I got an adorable card from the kids and a candle. It was PERFECT!
 Coastal Shores is the scent and it will be on my heater VERY soon!!
I also received cards from my in-laws and my SIL and BIL Melissa & Nate. It was nice to know others were thinking of me this Mother's Day!!
 THEN I got breakfast in Bed and Lunch made and brought to me, and then DINNER... I did not have to clean or prep a thing! (there were a few questions on how to make mashed potatoes but I did not mind)
 Landon made me a door hanger at church and was so excited to give it to me! He put it on my door and said "See Mom, just for you!" the hug he gave me after was priceless.
Hailey made me a card and treats at Pre-School. The card said "These Berries were hand dipped just for you! I'm "berry" glad you are my mom! Love, Hailey" and when she showed me the chocolate covered strawberries I was SO excited! Then she told me the berries were hers and she might share. I read the card to her and told her "I think they are mine." to which she replied "OK Mommy, then you have to share!"
SO we shared them... no problem!
It was a nice relaxing day.
I got to talk to my mother in law about her day, and my mother. It sure is nice to have such wonderful women to look up to when I try to be the kind of mother I want to be...
It sure is nice to get a day of recognition for all my work.
Matt let me go shopping on Saturday and took the kids for the day... BEST present ever... ( I might have gotten myself a few mothers day shoes on that trip and maybe a dress or two...)
Happy Mother's Day!


Nichole McGhie said...

It sounds like you had a very nice day :-) And Hailey is getting so big!

Lindsey and Jared said...

SO SWEET! I am glad that you were spoiled rotten. You deserve it :)

3richardsons said...

Glad you had a good mother's day, you deserve it!