Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Boat Trip ~

We FINALLY took the kids out on the boat for the season exactly a week ago from today!! The poor things were REALLY upset with us that it was taking so long, but they had a BLAST once it came.
We lost our BOAT BUDDIES last year when the Bakers moved... so we are making some new Boat Buddies! The Sorensen's came with us and it was a PERFECT morning boat trip with 5 kids...
 (YES 5 kids... we were outnumbered and it was still great!)
First the kids (Hailey) decided they wanted to swim around the boat. 
We just found a nice little cove, anchored and swam around. 
 Hailey decided she wanted to be a mermaid... She is my little water bug for sure!
 Hailey and Daddy time!! While Landon chilled in the boat and ate! LOL!
Hailey was excited she had a friend with her. 
Sydney and Hailey's favorite spot was the bow of the boat.
 We made sure to get a few Family Pictures in too...
All the Adults got to Wakeboard... which was REAL nice! And all the kids got to go out on the tube! (of course Hailey decided she did not want to go on the tube... she just wanted to swim!) The Sorensen Kids said "This is better than Disneyland!" so we KNOW they loved it!!
 All the kids got a chance to drive the boat with Matt. Landon was the last, and the only one I grabbed the camera for! DUH! Did you notice the other pictures were taken by Matt in the driver seat through the mirror back at me wakeboarding...??? I thought that was neat!
And of course the kids were OUT in the car about 5 minutes later...
I would say it was a success!!
Thanks Sorenson's for the GREAT Family Trip! 
Now how are we going to go as couples without the kids in the future!!??

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