Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Camping ~

We had a BLAST Camping with friends in the Ward. We went up Friday Afternoon and came home about the same time Saturday Afternoon. The kids were SO excited about Camping!
We had a nice group; The Farnsworth Family, The Dunning Family, The Mills Family, The Tim Ryan Jr. Family, The Garcia Family, The Mergenthaller Family and our family were able to enjoy nature with us. The Jensen Family came up end enjoyed nature with us but not overnight. I think the BEST part of camping was sitting around the campfire with all the adults just having a good time!
 Matt got a DEAL on our new tent. It is a 9 man tent! Our previous tent we got for a wedding present... he convinced me it was time for an upgrade... this tent takes less than a minute to set up! The poles telescope up and out and it wraps up nicely and fits in the bag without a struggle... JEALOUS??
Just behind the campsite was a huge mountain mostly made of rock. The older kids in the group enjoyed playing capture the flag! We took our kids on a little hike up to the top of the mountain...
 Matt and the kids yelled "ECHO!!" and then listened for the Echooooooo... the kids loved it!
On our way back down Matt and Landon wanted to show me how STRONG they were for completing the hike! The kids joined in on the capture the flag game, but did not quite like being in Jail...
It was a GREAT get away and one I can do again... as long as it is ONLY one day... because there were no bathrooms... I HAVE LIMITS PEOPLE!

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