Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Primary Girl

Hailey was SO excited to show me her special paper she got from Primary...

They do a "Getting to Know You" spotlight in Primary... HAILEY was last weeks recipient!! I remember asking her the questions, and just LOVED her response!! It is in its resting place on our fridge and she shows me EVERY morning!!

On ANOTHER Primary Note:
Hailey gave the scripture AND prayer in Primary last month. We had been given the opportunity before, and practiced it, and when we got to church she was NOT going to do it... no big deal. So THIS time I was prepared for the same thing to happen...
I almost had tears while she lead the scripture. She was SO cute and daddy and I are SO proud of her! She is growing up SO fast and I LOVE every second of it!!

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The Jensens said...

I'm so proud of Hailey! She is totally growing up :-) Tell her "good job" for me.