Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So I had NO blog posts in December...
That makes me wonder WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?
Oh that is right... I am TIRED and OVERWORKED! Maybe not overworked, but my BODY is being overworked!!
We did have a GREAT Christmas Break.
~ Landon got to make fun Christmas themed things at his play-dates!
~ Hailey's Kindergarten Class preformed the most adorable little Christmas Concert I have EVER seen! I do have to admit I cried!!
~ Hailey had two weeks off school; which she LOVED!!
~ The kids got to make a Gingerbread House with Daddy! They sure had fun!!
~ Hailey also got to make a gingerbread house at school! She and Landon enjoyed eating it after Christmas was over!
~ I got to throw a "Hot Cocoa Bar" for my Young Women's Activity. We let the girls use Sharpie Markers on Dollar Store Mugs and we drank Cocoa to our hearts content!
~ Matt and I got to enjoy his Company's Christmas Lunch at an AMAZING Chinese Buffet!
~ We found out we are having a GIRL!!! so how does everyone feel about the name KYLIE?
~ We went to visit BOTH families the few days before Christmas. (Matt and I have wanted to keep Christmas at our house for the kids; we get a little flack about it, but it works for our family so we do it)
~ We got to see Christmas Lights!
~ We all got exactly what we wanted for Christmas... even if the kids did cry about some of the gifts they got to open early because they were "not on the list they gave Santa" Oh GEEEZZZZ!! Great to know that this is a beautiful trait they received from DADDY!! I felt a little better that Papa Dude (Matt's father) found it funny that we got to deal with this because he remembered Matt acting that same exact way about gifts that he received. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE GIFTS!!
~ We got to Skype with my sister Sharon Andersen serving a mission in Florida on Christmas Day with ALL my family!! This girl is a FAN of Group Skype!!
~ Matt got to go snowboarding with his Season Pass... thank goodness for the discount he received for being a student again!
~ We got to Celebrate the NEW YEAR with my family!! That sure was fun! Matt and my Dad were the only ones that actually made it to midnight. I vaguely remember Matt waking me up to announce it was the New Year; I said "Great" then went RIGHT back to sleep!
~ Oh and I found out that I gained 8 (YES EIGHT) pounds since just before thanksgiving. I was a little shocked then I realized that was Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years and I did not feel as bad! I was expecting more than my usual 3-5 lbs...

So as you can tell it was a GREAT time had by all!!
I am not a BIG "Resolution" person... my real resolution is to just TRY to be better... Try to be a better mom, sister, person, leader...
For sure I plan on having this baby this year, and trying to enjoy every newborn second I get with her!
I plan on getting Landon into pre-school and getting Hailey to pass all her milestones in Kindergarten!

Enjoy some Pictures:
 The kids making the Gingerbread House ~
 Hailey POSING for me at the Christmas Concert ~
Hailey and her Daddy after her Christmas Concert! SO PROUD!!

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