Friday, January 18, 2013


The Laurel Class was in charge of Mutual this month... and we had not had a REAL Presidency Meeting yet this year. Being in my current AMAZING- PREGNANT- FORGETTING- THINGS- ALL- THE- TIME- STATE I realized while I was with the youth on our Temple Trip that we did not have a plan for THIS WEEKS mutual... AHHHHHHHH!
It really was lovely that we were at the Temple because I was able to get inspiration like never before. It just came to me... YOGA. My Laurel Class President (whom I LOVE and ADORE) was at a Choir Performance, but her little brother and parents were on the trip so I was able to talk with her mom about my ideas...
After I told her YOGA she let me know that she used to teach aerobic classes of some sort and this was right up her ally! OH that made me feel SO much better! She offered to help her daughter lead the class (which she did AMAZINGLY!! Thank you Sister Escobar!!) 
and I was SO grateful  I was having NIGHTMARES that my prego belly was going to try to show these Young Women AND Young Men some "workout moves" can you IMAGINE?? UGH!
SO we decided to make it a LITTLE more Young Men friendly and made it more of a "Workout Night" than a "Yoga Night"... I think it was a success!!
We had 32 youth show up, and it was fun watching them WORK IT!
 They started out with warm ups. They did them walking around in a circle... 
See the Video Below for how fun that was!!
 Then they moved to the floor for some stretching moves and exercise!!
Then they got up and worked on some balancing and core strength moves... 
At the end of the workout Sister Escobar informed us that they had worked out 
EVERY MUSCLE in the workout! 
It is a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT that she had them do!
Then ended the night with a little YOGA and Relaxation...
Video with the kids Just Beginning the night having some FUN!!

We promised an AMAZING TREAT...
I made Healthy Banana Muffins with Oats and VERY little sugar
Smoothies with only Juice, Fruit and Ice...
and Cuties (California Clementines) for extra measure!

What a GREAT way to start of the Year with our Youth!!

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