Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This last week my baby (no not the one in my tummy) had a BIRTHDAY!!~~
And he has been announcing to everyone and anyone who will listen to him this week:
"I am FOUR years old!"
For his birthday he wanted to go to McDonald's and he wanted a Star Wars Cake!
Matt and I thought about his request for about a millisecond then decided we could 
TOTALLY do that for our BIG BOY!!
 We started off the day with DONUTS! Landon's other request of course!!
We let him open his card from The Ray Family! He LOVED getting 4$ for his Piggy Bank! 
He told me when he was putting them in the piggy bank that this money was for him to serve a mission in Florida... (yes he thinks all missionaries go to Florida... thank you Auntie Sharon!)
 He played to his hearts content and then we hit up McyDz for our AMAZING dinner!!
The first present he opened was from Grandma and Grandpa Andersen. He got the "Star Wars Millennium Falcon" ship. He LOVED IT! Then he found out that it came with a book and of course he had to read it!
 He got a Bumblebee Transformer Car from The Richardson's that he loved too! We had to get out the instructions to figure that think out! LOL! They also got him a Marvel Coloring Book that he has already colored a few pages in! Hailey got him the movie Chicken Run and Matt and I got him a Marvel Superhero's Game for the PS3. He is playing that as I type this blog!!
 And of course we HAD to get him the Star Wars Cake... I looked at a few cakes at the grocery stores then realized it would be cheaper for me to go get some Star Wars Character Toys and put them on a home made cake... and that is JUST what we did!!
I made a Jello Type cake that Matt's Aunt Susan had made over Christmas. It was SO good I had to ask her for the recipe!! We enjoyed licking the frosting (cool whip) off the bottom of the figures feet!
You may also notice the Star Wars Shirt that is WAY to big for Landon. We found that at the DI in Sacramento and Landon HAD to have it! Best $2.00 spent in a LONG time!!
It sure is a JOY having our little boy!
He makes me laugh on a daily basis, and I just LOVE watching him grow up!

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