Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009 ~ PART ONE

This Year Christmas was a little different for our family. We were able to Celebrate with both families only on different days. We Celebrated the real Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family in Sacramento, and then we got to "Celebrate Christmas" on Sunday with the Bird Family in Stockton. It was nice to not have to RUN back and forth like we have done in the past on the actual day.
We actually headed up to Sacramento the weekend before Christmas to spend time with my family before we went to Tahoe with the Bird Family. We were able to relax, and get all our Christmas shopping done, and enjoy my family's company. My family likes to play Card games, or Board games, and we did alot of that while we were there. My sisters and I are what you might call "home bodies" and we just like to hang out at home and enjoy TIME with each other. We watched a few movies, and as always my mom taught us how to make some more dinners! She is amazing at what she can do! (She is one of those people who does not need to measure out everything when she makes something)... I hope one day I will be able to cook like she does! I would have less dishes to do, and less mess!!
So Tuesday Afternoon snook up on us quick! We had planned to head to Tahoe for a Snowboarding Trip with the Birds earlier in the year. Mom and Dad Bird have a timeshare cabin in Tahoe that we got to stay at. We got to stay there the year before, and we were excited to enjoy the place again. The original plan was for everyone to go Snowboarding and the Grandparents were going to watch the kids. Somehow only the boys ended up hitting the slopes, and the girls stayed back with the kids. We were able to get away for a little while and shop and watch a movie. THANKS Grandma and Grandpa for watching the kids for us to get a little break! It was nice because we got a room to ourselves, and I got to hang out in the snow with the kids too!! Grandpa got a sled for the kids, and they stayed out in the snow ALOT longer that any of us expected!! This is Landon before we went out to the snow... he tired himself out just trying to walk around in his outfit!!
Here is Hailey and her Cousin Rylie Bird all ready for the cold...
Hailey loved playing in the snow. Here she is walking up and down a little hill by the timeshare.
Grandma started making a Snowman, but it did not turn out to be the kind of snow that was going to hold it's shape. Hailey and I put a pine cone on top and covered that with snow to make it a little bit taller. Hailey called it her "Princess Snowman"
We forgot to bring my parents Snow Toys, so Grandpa went to find something for the kids while we made the snowman. The kids LOVED the sled!! We even made a little run near the timeshare that the kids went on (with Grandpa holding the rope) all by themselves! Hailey and Rylie had more fun, Landon was not sure what all the fuss was about!
We had great food while we were there, and we got to relax in the spa there too! The drive up and down was easy, and we are thankful we went!!
Tahoe is SO beautiful in the snow! ~

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