Monday, December 14, 2009

Food and Basketball . . .

This last weekend was a BLAST! My dad and little brother Preston came to Fresno for a nice visit, and to see the Fresno State vs. Brigham Young Basketball Game. We have been excited about this game for WEEKS! It was originally going to be at a more "neutral" location, when that ended up falling out, they decided to play here. Once we got news of this "Reunion Game" we called friends and family to see who would want to attend with us!
We decided that we needed to start the night off right, and went to BJ's Brewery for some GREAT food and fun times!! They were having a $20.00 special, two salads, one Med. Pizza and a Pizookie for two to share. In case you are UNAWARE for some reason what a Pizookie is; THIS is a PIZOOKIE! It is a Pizza-Cookie, and there is almost NOTHING better... MAN was that GOOD!! We went with Brent and Amalia Cutts, Spencer and Lauren Baker, and my Dad and Brother. Almost everyone wanted the $20.00 special. It was a GREAT deal, and we got to share it with a GREAT group of people!!
After we left BJ's we headed to the Save Mart Arena for the Big Game. We sat in the Upper Deck seats, and originally thought we might move closer to the floor. After half time we all decided that we liked these seats because we could see the whole floor!! I was mainly trying to see some good plays while watching the kids. This was Landon's First time to the Save Mart Center, and he was just a HAM! He was yelling and dancing and just enjoying the game. Both he and Hailey were all over the place. Luckily it was not a SOLD OUT game, so we were able to let them roam around our area. I sat most of the time behind the group with my girlfriend Amalia gossiping and just enjoying the game. It was an interesting View for me. BYU had made a good play, and I saw my Dad clapping on one end of the group, on the other end was Matt and Brent upset about a call "That should have been a foul!" I could not help but laugh when I heard Matt yell that. Good Times! ~ BYU won, and it was a close game almost the whole time. I enjoy seeing games where I don't care who wins. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable for me! After the end of the game we all went to see the BIG BULLDOG, and Hailey was SO scared of it. We found that interesting because she LOVES dogs!!
We got home, and got settled in. Hailey LOVES her Uncle Preston, and this is what happened while we were watching Glory Road...

We are SO thankful for the Family and Friends we have. It is a blessing to know we are loved by such great people, and to know that we love them too! They make the hard times just easier. We are also thankful for Pizookies... they can make almost anything better!! I hope you had a great weekend too!!