Monday, December 14, 2009

Desperation Leads To....

Me applying for a job at BANK OF AMERICA.
When I told one of my "Wells Fargo Friends" she laughed and told me "That is soooo NOT ok!"

I know you are thinking I am silly for thinking this is a big deal, but really I think I hate Bank of America! Mainly because I worked for Wells Fargo for 8 years, but also because I have been programed to think they are an arch nemesis of some sort... It is a little silly when I think about it because if they hire me over Wells Fargo I should love them... I guess we will see!

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Kristen said...

That's really funny - I worked at a bank (Bank of the West) for only a year, but I still feel very loyal and feel like I have to keep my checking and savings there, so I know how you feel! BTW... I loved working at Bank of the West, and I know they are all over CA, so you could try that too. Good luck!