Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pump It Up AGAIN ~

We REALLY enjoy Pump It Up! It is a GREAT place to go and have fun with the kids. As I have posted in the past about the deal... on Mon. Wed. and Fri. they have a "Open Jump" slot for kids ages 2-7. The usual cost is $7.00. We found out this last time we went that we could get a Super Saver Pass for $50.00 and it allowed you to attend 10 times. We are SOOO going to get that next time we go!! (kids under two are free, and adults get in with paid admission for a child)
I think the favorite attraction this time was AGAIN the big slide. We had to force Hailey to go down it at first, but by the end of the playtime she was dragging me up it to go again and again!! We also decided Landon should try it out. The picture below was just after I let Landon go down by himself. He liked it so much, he was trying to climb back up the slide! What a cutie! Here he is in the Basketball Bounce House. He was being fussy when we first got to the place. But after he figured out it was more fun for him to jump that it was for Matt or I to hold him, he was having a BALL!
This is our little group just hanging out talking and laughing at the kids. Landon was walking all over the place, and loving the attention!! It was a FUN time. Here is Mommy Amber with little TreTre and Mommy Amy with her Haley. We were a little tired of all the jumping and bouncing, so we were just hanging out and gossiping! Good times!
This place has got to rank one of the TOP for Hailey! She is such an independent little girl, and she played on all the Bounce Structures! We had a lot of fun, and today was the first time we had to get the Announcement that Play Time was over. They usually let us go over a little bit without any problem.
We hope you can join us next time we go! ~ And just so you know... Hailey has been napping ever since we got home!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

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