Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have SOOO much to tell you all... and so little time to tell you in!! Long Story short, we had a great trip with our family this Christmas, and we were SOOOO excited to get home because I was sick and Landon and Hailey were sick, and we pull up to the house and try to open the Garage Door... nothing... then Matt goes inside and there is no electricity... We call PG&E and the guy tells us he has NEVER seen anything like this, so luckily he hooked us up to our neighbors for the night. He was suprised the house did not burn down... (thank goodness for that not happening) We have to get a hold of our Landlords (thank goodness we are renting) and let them know, and to have them get an electrician out. We might be out of power for a while. I came home and had to clean out my freezer of food we had just bought when we moved into the house. GOOD TIMES! ~ Anyways... we will be back on here HOPEFULLY soon to let you see ALL THE FUN we had! :) Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas and you have a SAFE New Years! ~

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Nichole said...

oh wow. That's no fun.