Saturday, October 23, 2010

Camping 2010

So we went Camping...
Shocking I know. If you are my true friend you know I hate camping.
I love the time spent with friends and being out in nature don't get me wrong...
It is the Dirt, the Cold, the hard ground to sleep on, and all the work when I could have slept at home in my own bed a WHOLE lot easier that I don't like.
This however is something my husband LOVES to do, and like a good wife should I allow it to happen once every blue moon... Or once a year when our old ward gets together for a camp out.
 Hailey was LAYING in the dirt and at one point it looked like she was LICKING it... REALLY??
And Landon could not be bothered with a picture. He played all by himself with just dirt and his hands. This to most kids would not be anything new, but I RARELY let my children play in dirt... it is DIRTY!!
We had a great time, and we were able to catch up with people from the old ward and just sit back and take in "All that was around us"
My favorite part of camping is sitting around the campfire and telling stories or laughing with friends about funny things... my girlfriends and I put the kids and most of the hubbies to bed and just had a ball staying up late. We tried to be quiet, but quiet to us is loud in other peoples vocabulary so we'll have to see if we get invited next year! :) It was a fun trip! Glad we did it for sure!

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