Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sick on Halloween

I don't get sick too often, but when I get sick I am OUT FOR THE COUNT! After our Ward Halloween Party I was not feeling too hot. That night I slept maybe a few hours all together and threw up for the rest of them. We had fun at the party but did not take any pictures... Hailey refused to wear her costume, we'll save it for next year, Matt was Darth Vader and I was Princess Leia. Landon was batman and LOVED running around the church with all the other super hero's!! I thought about taking pictures, but I was so tired that night I just did not do it... now I know I was sick, not tired...
I am not sure if I ate something bad at the party, or if I was just destined to get the "Bird Flu*" (*no I did not REALLY get Bird Flu, but because my last name is bird and I think I had the flu, I like to think that was funny to say I had the Bird Flu... Oh, you are not laughing... so, not funny... SORRY... haha)
I was sick as can be Friday Night and Saturday ALL day. I used to wonder HOW people can lay in bed all day long, and let me tell you, I DEFINITELY can when I am sick. THANK GOODNESS it was on the weekend so Matt was home so my children got fed!!
So Sunday Morning comes along and I am better, but not 100% so we stayed home from church too. Matt was feeling a little sick and did not think he could handle the kids by himself... (I totally understand) So I watched our most recent General Conference Sunday Session's and felt like I got a little church in...
We had visitors come over... Brent and Amalia came dressed as Snow White and Prince Charming. Hailey kept addressing Amalia by Snow White... it was SO cute!!

We also had trick or treat visitors. Judge me if you want my Mormon friends, I still passed out Candy this Sunday. I did not want to be the weird family that moved into the new house and did not pass out candy on Halloween... Hailey and Landon enjoyed passing out the candy.  At first Hailey was having a heart attack because I was giving away "HER" candy, but for some reason when she was able to give it herself to the other kids she LOVED it! Landon did it a few times too, after the trick or treaters would leave he would shut the door all by himself and run back to sit next to me on the couch. He would then look up at me and smile and give me a High Five... It was SO cute!
By night time I was feeling much better, but as Matt and I were watching The Amazing Race Hailey started throwing up... AHHHHHH!!! There is NOTHING worse then your kids being sick... am I right? I mean I hate being sick but seeing my little girl struggle to throw up and getting the shivers makes me wish it was me all over again!
This weekend has not really been a great one, but more like one I am glad was over. I never thought Halloween Weekend would be this horrible for our little family, but it was!!
I hope I am not sick like this for at least another year!!
On a happy note I am getting my hair done tomorrow!! YEAH!!

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Tiffany said...

Kids throwing up is so not awesome! It is the part of parenting I hate the most since I'm a sympathetic-puker.

I don't judge you for handing out candy on Sunday...but had you gone trick-or-treating I would feel free to judge. :)