Monday, October 11, 2010

KITTY CAT'S Get Away ~

Morro Bay is BEAUTIFUL this time of year!!
My friends and I went to celebrate our Birthdays, and for some much needed time away from the kids.
My birthday is October 1st...
Amy's birthday is October 10th...
Megan's birthday is November 1st...
and so is Amber's; November 1st...
When we realized this we decided we needed to celebrate our BIRTHDAY MONTH'S together!!
Amber's Grandmother has a house in Los Oso's near Morrow Bay and Pismo, so we decided to pack up for a short weekend and let loose! :)
 Megan, Amber, Myself and Amy ~ Besties!!
It was a Perfect Day for us to shop, gossip, eat amazing food, sing in the car, and dance like the crazy old women we are!!
We ended the trip at Spooners Beach eating Pizza. The view as the sunset was amazing!
Thank Goodness for Friends!
I find myself often thanking them for everything they do. Who would have know all us crazies would have gotten along so well!? Thanks Ladies for the GREAT weekend away!

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