Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Social Network

I hate to admit it has been a WHILE since Matt and I have had an official Date Night Out. With packing and moving and me being CHEAP we have not been able to enjoy each others company ALONE without the kids for some time now.
We had movie tickets to use up and we decided to hit up the town and see a movie. We dropped the kids off at the Hardens (thanks for babysitting...) and we went to In-N-Out for our HOT Dinner Date.
Yes, you heard me right In-N-Out... OH how I love them! Burgers and Fries FRESH... YUMO!
After enjoying that we went to Edwards Theatre to enjoy The Social Network. This movie is about the guy who invented Facebook.
 Matt and I enjoyed the movie. We were not sure how true it was to real life, but the movie was VERY interesting. Don't worry I am not going to ruin it for you, but I would recommend it as either a $3.00 movie theater treat or a Redbox Rental...
 They did not portray anyone person as a "bad guy" or anyone person as the "good guy". It was quite impartial and interesting to watch. Of course it did not hurt that one of the actors was played by Justin Timberlake... that made it ALOT easier for me to watch . . .
 It was a nice night out, and we hope for many more!  I was glad I got to GO see the movie and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! It was a nice change of pace to potty training and changing diapers for what seams like ALL DAY LONG I must say!

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