Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bird Family Trip ~

We went on VACATION!!!
(If you call driving 12 hours TWO TIMES in a small car with two children under the age of three a vacation; then we went on one...) Our little family made the trip to Sandy, Utah to see our new adorable niece Jillian Taylor Imel. She was getting blessed, and we were dying to meet her. She is Nate and Melissa's first child, and number four for Grandma and Grandpa Bird.
We were happy to welcome her to the family!!
What a cute family!! The IMEL'S!
Here Hailey is enjoying a little lunch before we head out of Utah on the next leg of our trip. She enjoyed the cookie the best!
We stayed with my Uncle Cordel and Aunt Kris while we were in Utah. We were there maybe a total of 24 hours before we hit the road home. But we got alot in... swimming with Grandpa Bird, visiting with Andersen Family, visiting with family on the Houghton side. It was neat because the night we stayed it snowed. Hailey REALLY wanted to go out and make a Snowman, we told her it was too cold for little girls. I guess while I was getting Landon ready she tried the snow out for herself in her church clothes. I think next time she might listen when we tell her it is too cold. Anyways; Luckily for us (and the kids) we planned a little break in

Here are the kids enjoying some cartoons after the long day Sunday. We got into Vegas just before 7 pm. We thought we would check in real quick and hit a buffet... but apparently we hit Vegas at the PERFECT time for March Madness and Spring Break. So after waiting in the check in line for about an hour... (Matty waited, I strolled the kids up and down the Vegas Strip) we decided to hit up Panda Express and McDonald's. We ate, got back to the room, gave the kids a bath and KNOCKED OUT!! We stayed at the Imperial Palace. It was a GREAT location in the middle of the strip, and for what we paid not a bad stay!
The next morning we woke up and went to the Palace Station Breakfast Buffet. It was SO good. Along with the amazing price ($4.99 for adults kids 3 and under free) the food was GREAT! Anything and everything you could ever want for breakfast... Cereal, Pancakes, French Toast, Fruit of all kinds, Breakfast Pizza, Eggs however you like, Biscuits and gravy, Sausage, Hashbrowns, Bacon... man it was a feast!! The kids liked the Donut Bar the best as you can tell by the picture below...
 (sorry I did not flip the picture... Landon "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR" Bird enjoying the GRUB!)
Then OFF to see LAS VEGAS!!
Hailey is laying down in the back of the stroller, and Landon is taking in all the sights. He was wearing my glasses.
The weather was SO nice we got to pull out the shorts!!
 The kids LOVED the M&M Store...
 We saw the M&M Mini Movie and Daddy got a little action from Green...
 HUGE fun store!!
 Walking down the strip... the kids liked the Hot Air Balloon, so Mommy got a picture with it!
Then we stopped to see the Bellagio Water Show. We saw the show the night before and we LOVED it.
However, we liked the day show better because it was longer and the mist was OH SO INVITING!!
 Hailey CHEEZIN' it up while we wait for the water show...
 Landon loved it. His OHHH's and AHHHH's were priceless...
He clapped at the end too! It was a great show.
 THEN we headed to Ceasers Palace for Shopping and the Water and Fire Show. Outside there was a fountain and one lonely duck. We enjoyed feeding him a little. I think this was a highlight for the kids.
THEN we went to see the Aquarium at the end of the mall. The kids LOVED this. We sat and watched fish swim by for at least 45 minutes!! :) We hit up the Harrah's Flavors Buffet that night and enjoyed the food. After the LONG day Hailey had slept through dinner. Lucky Landon ate to his hearts content, and left with his very own Cotton Candy. Of course Mommy got her own too! (one of my FAVORITE things)
We all slept GREAT that night. The next morning we hit up the same Breakfast Buffet because we liked it SO much then hit the road home.
We stopped for snacks and lunch, and we got home just after 6 pm. Not a bad trip.
It was great to see family and get away for the weekend.
But we are OH so glad to be home!!

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Chris and Cortney Walker said...

Oh my gosh I love that shirt on Landon, Beckham has the same one and when I saw that picture of him I thought oh what is Beckham doing on her blog!!!! How fun I am glad you had a great trip!