Friday, March 11, 2011


I had a trampoline growing up as a kid and it made us a
 very popular house to play at...
We would always have our friends over to jump,
and one of our favorite things was to have slumber parties out on "the tramp"...
(not sure why we had shortened the name to "tramp"...)
My husband Matthew also grew up with a trampoline,
so naturally we wanted to get one for our kids.
We picked this sucker up on the Black Friday Sale and paid HALF
 what you would pay now to get it.
YESSSSSSSSSSS... we know a deal when we see it.
We have been wanting to wait for nicer weather, and yesterday was PERFECT!!
I had been weeding the back yard ALL DAY LONG, and when Matt got home from work he was so happy with how nice it looked he said that we should put up that trampoline.
This momma has been stuck inside too long to disagree so we went to work.
Here it is without the enclosure.
(you have to have an enclosure for our Homeowners policy)
Matt and I got it all assembled in under two hours... not too shabby!
And here it is ALL DONE!!
We made some rules for the kids...
No Shoes
No Toys and
No Food on the Trampoline!!
Today I took Hailey to jump while Landon was napping and as
I laid on the trampoline and looked up at the beautiful sky and trees
 above me; I could not help but feel like it was what I expect Heaven to be.
We are TOTALLY enjoying this baby!!
YEAH to more outside play!!


Kara said...

I loved having a tramp growing up (totally our name for it too) and I loved having sleepovers on it even more. Such fun memories. Someday we'll get out of this little townhouse and into a house with a yard and maybe then we can have as much fun as you guys are having:)

Enjoy it!

Kristen said...

We always called ours a "tramp" too. I loved having one growing up, so one day when we have a house, we'll get one too.

It sounds like it will be a fun summer!

Lauren Green said...

Oh what fun!! I think tramp is the standard kid name for a trampoline. We called it that too. I think that will have to be one of our first big purchases after we buy a house.