Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So we got this new house right?
When we bought it we pulled out all the nasty carpet and put in beautiful tile and wood flooring.
In doing this I did not take EVERYTHING into my thought process of how wonderful it would be.
I mean I knew I would love how it looked; but I forgot what my poor little children would have to endure.
For the last 6 months ( I have been in this house 6 months now) my little ones have been slipping and sliding every step they take.
It is cold here in Clovis (only at this time, it will be FREAKISHLY hot here REAL soon) and so my kids wear socks.
These socks are just plain old socks from Target. They have grown out of most of the non-slip socks I had for them when they were learning to walk. I remember hearing from someone somewhere that they just put puffy paint on the bottom of their kids socks to help them not slip on those slippery floors...
And HELLO... I have Puffy Paint coming out of my EARS over here so... Guess What I did??
You guessed it... I took out my Dimensional Fabric Paint 20 Pack and got to work. (the purple bag behind is also full of puffy paint products)
I took my sons socks and put the size and a few little embellishments for extra non-slip grippage...

I also did my daughters socks. They were obviously a bigger size. I decided to do gender neutral colors so they could potentially be used with other children (that is if the washing machine does not eat them up... that is after all where all the lost socks go right?)
AND now when I do laundry it will be SO much easier to pair the socks and know who's are who's. This has been a struggle of mine and I do not know I have sisters socks on brother until they are ON him... :)
And it WORKS! Little man is sporting the one smiley face pair I made... I think next time I will incorporate more shapes and stuff! So if you have this same problem... here is one idea to get those toes back on track! :)


AJ said...

Yay! I'm glad it worked :-) I have been wanting to try it out since I heard about it a long time ago but have no reason to.

3richardsons said...

Cute idea, I'll have to try it sometime!