Friday, March 4, 2011

Rainy Day Activity!!

I hate when it is raining and I am stuck inside with a 3 and 2 year old...
When this happens we do a lot of things. We play with play dough, we color, we watch movies...
But this is a new activity I learned from Hailey's Assessment Center.
We like to call it SNAKES ~~~~~~
 First, you get a Dollar Store Brand of Shaving Cream. (not gel)
 Then, you make any figure you like for the kids. Mine just enjoy snakes. (plus it is an easy figure to make)
 Then you let the kids play away!!
When they are done grab an ordinary Kitchen Dish Towel to wipe hands, clothes, and the surface. It leaves behind clean hands and a nice smell. Squishing this between fingers and rubbing it into hands and on the surface is SO fun! I always join in and help them play! We make hand prints, draw out shapes, practice our Letters and Numbers... the possibilities are endless! ENJOY!!

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Nicole said...

Looks like they had fun. We use to do this at my preschool but I haven't tried it with Katelyn or Johnathon yet because I'm afaid they would try to eat it and make a huge mess. Maybe I'll have to try it sometime soon and see how much they like it.