Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Preston!!

I grew up with SISTERS most of my life... my parents had 5 girls... believe me there was LOTS of girl drama in the house. It was not until I hit Junior High that I learned what a joy a little boy is. My brother Preston was born 17 years ago TODAY!! It was one of the happiest days for my family. My father got the boy he always wanted, and us girls got our baby brother we always wanted.
He was a BIG baby when he was born. Almost 11 lbs. if I remember correctly.
And he is a BIG TEENAGE BOY now... anyone who knows him knows what I am talking about.
I loved watching you as a baby. You were just the happiest little thing, and you loved to explore everything and everywhere. Us girls used to fight about who got to hold you, I think I won most of the time. :)
And sometimes when I am holding my little man, I am reminded of you as a baby. The only way you and Landon could be more alike is if Matt and I had named him Preston! HAHA! See below for proof...
(Preston holding Landon after a NHS football game, grandma made Landon's uniform~)
Every year you get older, I get more and more excited about the new things you are going to do...
I was excited for you to experience High School, and all the sports.
I am excited for you to finish up your Eagle Scout Project...
I am excited for you to date adorable girls, and have fun doing it!!
And I can't wait until I am writing you letters on your mission!
You are my FAVORITE brother, and that is not because you are my only one... :)
I hope you have an AMAZING BIRTHDAY, and you celebrate in style!!
Just know you are FAMOUS in Fresno, at least everyone in our house thinks so!!
So Happy Birthday Stud!!
I hope all your wildest dreams come true!!
(P.S. did you get your gift yet... you are WELCOME!!)


preston said...

haha i love it thank you so much melissa.you are my favorite sister too :) (dont take it personal other sisters) but i always look up too you for everything i know i can come to you for everything.thanks for always being here for me.

Love Preston

Tiffany said...

I do take offense...well, maybe just a little...I know I changed more than my fair share of your diapers mister!

Preston is such an awesome person! I can't believe how time has flown by...you were such a fat, cute baby. When I look at Evan I can't help but think of you. (With the chubby cheeks and legs.)

Before we know it you will be going on your mission and all the nieces and nephews will be sad that you are gone. (I just hope grandpa can keep up with them all...)

Happy Birthday (Not so) Little Bro!

Nicole said...

That is so funny that you think Landon is just like Preston because just today we were calling Johnathon our little Preston because of how much he loves his food. Anyways, I hope Preston had an amazing Birthday (and don't worry, I don't take offense to the comment).

Bird is the Word said...

haha! I think we all see Preston in our little ones because he is the only boy we know growing up! I love that boy to pieces, I am going to be more of a mess than mom when he leaves for his mission. I hope he gets called to Fresno...