Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Hat Days Weekend ~

Man I love this town.
Clovis, CA is such a neat place to live in; and raise your children. There are not enough small town areas left anymore. In Old Town Clovis they hold the annual Big Hat Days. Vendors from all over come to celebrate. Our family brushed the dust off our bikes and took a nice little ride over to enjoy in the splendor of the day!We found some fun things to play with. See Landon Below on his Airplane Rocker...
 And we found some fun things to buy. Landon got this car from one of the booths.
He LOVES it. And he loves being on Daddy's shoulders.
 Hailey loved sitting back and chillin' in the bike stroller.
While eating her Cheetos of course...
The kids got to jump in the play area.
We bought some signs for the kids rooms with their names on them.
Maybe when we get to decorating their rooms we will show them... :)
And I got a neat sign for my Laundry Room... I'll have to show that later on too! :)
 HERE... is sweet baby Morgan and her beautiful mother Lauren.
She is watching the kids jump on the trampoline in the backyard in this picture.
 And here the kids are taking advantage of the nice day
 jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on underneath.
They started off with clothes on...
 Then somehow talked us into grabbing swimsuits.
Only we grabbed Landon some Big Boy Underwear...
 He was jumping ALL over the place!!
Chubby Choo Choo sure is living up to his name! :)
After seeing this picture I no longer worry if he eats all his meals!! 
We got in some General Conference and I have to say
 This weekend was WONDERFUL!!

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Nicole said...

Is Landon potty training already? Love the big boy underwear!