Monday, April 11, 2011

Some NEW things in the house . . .

This is what you see when you walk in my front door...
Actually it is to your right when you walk in, but whatever...
I found this black and white picture at Marshall's, and I LOVED it!
When I got it home I knew JUST the thing to put on it.
I have had this decal for almost three years now.
I wanted to put it on a picture frame or a clock, but when I saw this I just could not resist.
Sorry about the glare, these pictures just do not do my masterpiece justice! 
 Up close The Bird Family Established 2003!!
AND these picture frames I got from Santa for Christmas.
I took some pictures of the kids and family that I already had.
Gave them some PIZAZZ on Picaso and turned them black & white...
LOVIN' my house starting to feel more like a HOME! ~


Kristen said...

That is like the coolest thing ever. I totally want to find a cool picture and do that too now.

I love the collage of pictures down below, candid pics are the best!!

the momma-kana said...

love all your talent mrs. bird! Very very clever