Monday, April 18, 2011


My last post makes me sound like "An Angry Mother" and I guess I was a little, but during all that craziness while Sweet Landon took his nap, Hailey and I played Hide-N-Seek...
This is the reaction I got from her. She would hide in the SAME place every time I counted for her to hide... under the computer desk. And every time I walked around the house saying "Man, where did Hailey go?" she would giggle... hehe! Man I love this little girl! ~
 "Mommy... You found me, good job!" is what she would say.
"Let's do it again!" and I would go count...
But not before I grabbed my camera to take a cute picture.
(Please ignore all the cables in the background... I now feel like I need to organize them so they do not ruin future hide-n-seek pictures...)

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