Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Dr. Teeth" A.K.A. The Kids Dentist

No my friends this is not a post about how scared I am to enter the dentist office...
This post is about a BRAVE mom putting on a HAPPY FACE for her kids to not get all worried about going to see the dentist. And can I just say I LOVE the kids dentist!
Monday the kids went in for a cleaning and they both LOVED it!!
We walk into the office and see THIS:
HELLO play area for the kids to ENJOY before they go in for dental work!
My kids absolutely LOVED it!
When the kids are called into the back room for the cleanings they ask them what movie they would like to watch. Hailey picked Strawberry Shortcake. She sat there in the chair watching her show and getting a cleaning. She has two cavities on the upper back teeth, so we went back today to get one of them filled.
Landon choose Toy Story to watch, and was a little squirmy; but did wonderful. No cavities; but we have to cut out juice during the day. (which WILL be a struggle) And we need to brush and floss after breakfast and before bed. DONE!! We did great Tue and Wed with the routine so far!!
So when Hailey went back today for her first ever dental procedure, she was very hesitant. I told her the night before and the morning of that we needed to go back to the dentist so he could clean her back top teeth. Getting into the car was the toughest part. Once we got there, she played and when it was her turn she was ready to go "get her top back teeth cleaned"
BUT FIRST we had her go to the bathroom...
YES that is a MINI toilet and sink and mirror for the kids... HOW cute is that? We loved it! After going potty we went to the room and she got up ready to go. She decided to watch Dora the Explorer this time, and was sitting so well. They put the "Elephant Nose" on her to give her Nitrous to calm her down, numbed the area, gave her a shot, put a brace on the tooth, drilled and filled it AND she sat perfect THE WHOLE TIME! I was SO proud!!
She got a pink balloon and a Princess Book and we were on our way! I think I was more worried about the whole thing; and she was a ROCKSTAR!! Now we will be back next Wednesday to get the other cavity and then we are done until our summer cleaning!! YEAH!!
Thank You Powell Pediatric Dentistry ~ YOU are the BEST!! If you are in the Fresno ~ Clovis area and need a pediatric dentist... CHECK this place out!!~

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3richardsons said...

Good for Hailey! I still haven't taken Katelyn in. I've bee told to take them in when they turn one by some people and that it is pointless until right before they start school from others. I'm a little worried about it so I've been putting it off but maybe it won't be so bad.