Monday, January 16, 2012

Landon Turns THREE!!

My Baby is THREE!!
He is SO fun, and SUCH a crack up!
Landon David Bird has yet ANOTHER YEAR under his tiny belt!!
We did not have a "Party" really... we just had friends over for dinner and sang to him... I guess that kinda is a party, but we eat dinner with these people ALL THE TIME!
I guess if we think about it we must have LOTS of parties over here!!~~
 He did want a "Pirate Theme" so he wore his new shirt and we put up candles and dimmed the house lights.
 I made cupcakes, and Landon got a hold of one as our friends were arriving...
 We had a Healthy Dinner; BBQ Mesquite Chicken, Rice, Fruit Salad, Salad with ANY dressing option, and the kids had French Fries and hot dogs. YES there is two huge soda bottles in the one picture which makes it not really healthy, but there was water and sugar-free juice behind them...
 The kids enjoyed making Balloon Pirate Friends while we got dinner ready...
 And After dinner we all enjoyed some YUMMY Cupcakes!!
 As soon as Landon finished his cupcakes he told me it was time to open his presents! This kid got HOOKED UP!~ The Hardens got him the Batmobile, the Bakers got him a Spiderman backpack with a sleeping bag, G&G Andersen got him a Disney Read-To-Me set of Books & If you give a Dog a Donut book, G&G Bird got him Spiderman Shoes and a Spiderman Shaving set, and we got him a set of Monster Trucks and Two C.A.T. building toys! This kid is LUCKY!!
The above picture shows Hailey very upset that she did not get a present; we had a nice talk about birthdays and how she will get a present in a few months. It was a GREAT night with GREAT friends! Thank you for sharing out JOY that is Landon with us!
Mommy and Daddy love Landon SOOOOO Much! 


Chris and Cortney Walker said...

He has gotten so big!! I cant believe it! He is such a handsome guy!!!!

LIZ said...

3 already - oh my! He is a cutie.

The Jensens said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I can't believe he is 3. What a big boy :-)