Wednesday, January 4, 2012


While my family visited for New Years, we had also planned a Snow Trip. Preston my little brother (who is NOT littler than me in real life) and Matt wanted to hit up China Peak for some SNOWBOARDING!!
The boys left early and hit the slopes; my dad went with them, however he sat back and relaxed in the sun reading until "The Girls" got there (we had Landon so that is why I say "the girls") with lunch. It was chilly; but not too cold. I decided to put my big girl panties on and hit the slopes too; only ever since I had children I tend to take things REAL slow. Almost like NOW I have a purpose and if I get hurt playing around my purpose will become MUCH harder!! Here are some pictures from the day...
 Hailey had fun making snowballs and throwing them at Grandpa, Preston, and Daddy. She told me "We don't throw snow at girls" so Grandma, Sharon and I were safe! She got hit by a snowball in her armpit by Preston and she acted like she was pretty upset about it; however when I was taking her to school the next day she told her friend Haley Harden that her uncle Preston had hit her with a snowball and it was funny; then she giggled.
 She finally put on her coat after Sharon told her it was cold...
And this is Matt and Landon the snowboarders... see the below video for them in action!!
And this is me at the top of the hill ready to snowboard down... don't i look SO happy?? haha!
Oh, and YES I did get some new Snow Clothes THANKS for asking HOT PINK PANTS and a sweet Jacket at the Columbia Outlet... THANK YOU!
Hailey throwing Snowballs at Daddy...
Landon and Matt going down the "Bunny Hill"...
Landon trying to slide on the snow...
The kids made a snowman with Grandpa while Preston, Matt and I went down the hill. I only did one run and I was done. Grandma was reading her book for church book club, and Sharon was helping the kids and grandpa make the snowman. They made a little slide area for the kids; we know now that we can take the kids to the snow and they will LOVE it! ~

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