Friday, June 5, 2009


Just when I am ready to give up my 20 questions of "Hailey do you need to Potty?" per day, I realize Little Miss Independence has her OWN way of Potty Training herself. She.... well.... she Potty Trained herself....

She did not want Mommy or Daddy in the bathroom, she wants to be a big girl and do it all by herself. I posted a day or so ago that she had gotten on the potty by herself before, but this time it is different..... like something FINALLY clicked for her.

I was organizing my closet because I can now fit in my Pre-Maternity Clothing (~THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU... I Appreciate your Applause ~ Really you are TOO kind! ~) and I hear Hailey saying "Mommy... Mommy" the sound was coming from the bathroom. DUN DUN DUN!!!! I fully expected to find her on top of the counter, or in the shower; BUT NO, she was on the potty! She had the roll of toilet paper trying to "WIPE" herself after going potty!! I know this time she went potty because the color of the water is telling me so...

I was SO happy for her I started jumping and dancing around... anything to let her know this was a VERY GOOD thing!! I helped her wad up toilet paper and wipe herself. Then we put on her BIG GIRL Princess Pull Ups!! I went to grab the diaper sitting on the floor that she had taken off all by herself.... again.... expecting it to be wet, BUT it was dry!! She went potty knowing she needed to potty! WE HAVE HAD OUR BREAKTHROUGH!! (*tears*)

I quickly pulled out the "Potty Prize" jar that I feel has been collecting dust and tell her she can have a candy for going Potty on the Big Girl Potty! I don't care what else happens today... good or bad... this is the HIGHLIGHT of MY day!! YEAH! ~

Who knew??


AngelaBeth said...

WOO WOO!!! Go Hailey!!

Nichole said...

Hurray!!! That is awesome!

Magirk said...

Congratulations! ;-) (to BOTH of you)

I know it's not 'the most', but isn't it ONE of the most awesome feelings??? Finally hitting that moment when it clicks? Especially for potty training?

Anyway. Way to go. You, and her.

Keep up the good work! You're an awesome mom. ;-)

Amalia Cutts said...

Yay! Hopefully no more poopy walls.