Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Bedding ~

I got a new Bed Set. I have been looking for over a year. It is REALLY hard to find Cal King Bed Sets that are not "too goddy" I think the Bed Set Manufactures all think people with REALLY big beds want REALLY GODDY shiny bright red or orange and gold stuff.... not me.... I promised Matt I would not make our bedroom "Too Girly" so he got to pick the colors and I get to decorate!
This is out of the Liz Claiborne line... I really love it! This picture does not do it justice... and I got new sheets AND new pillow covers.... 1000 Thread Count of course.... to those of you who do not worry about thread count... start worrying IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! ~


The Haynies said...

So cute! I want a new bed set somethin' fierce. And yes, 1000 thread count sheets WILL change your life. I bought our 2 years ago and I can never go back. It is like sleeping in heaven.

Nichole said...

It's beautiful. We need a new bed set but I'm thinking the only way we will get one we like is if I make it myself.

Kasey said...

Great choice for new bedding set... It looks so cute and cool... Best for summer days..