Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Richardsons!!

I know I said I was not going to get on for a while, but Potty Training is going well, and I think I can get away for a QUICK second to wish some people in my family a

First I want to apologize to Brian Matthew Richardson for not calling him on his birthday.... no excuses.... Matt and I just REALLY suck!! We are SO happy that you are part of our extended family! We are glad you put up with my sister Nicole to be closer to us! :) Our lives are BETTER because you are around!! You are a GREAT Father, and a wonderful Friend! Thanks Brian we LOVE YOU! ~
And secondly to Nicole Andersen Richardson.... Happy Birthday TODAY little sis! We love you so much, and we are happy you just put up with OUR crap to tell you the truth! You are a WONDERFUL mother and beautiful sister, and we hope all your wildest dreams come true!! Did you notice I used GREEN for your little birthday wish... ??
We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you at this special time in BOTH your lives, but you know we are there in spirit!! Whenever anyone says something stupid pretend it is ME, and if someone cracks a funny joke pretend it is Matt!

We send ALL OUR LOVE especially today but Always! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

That Matthew David and Brian Matthew are SO HOT RIGHT NOW! ~ (I tried to find pictures I thought you might not have seen.... ;)


3richardsons said...

Thanks! I guess this means I'm actually going to have to remember your birthday now.

Bird is the Word said...

YESSSS! You can remember it late though... it's only fair! It's not like I am counting or anything right?? HAHA! Hope you had a good one! ~