Monday, June 1, 2009

Fancy Cups.... that's how I ROLL....

I got these cups in Sacramento. We were living with my parents, and they were on SALE at Target.... I got them for my Fresno State Pride. I call them my FANCY CUPS. My sister Sharon and I used them ALL the time. We drank soda, ate Ice Cream and even used them for our water cups. Matt would make fun of them, so I told him he was not allowed to enjoy my Fresno State Pride Fancy Cups.
Since we have moved BACK to Fresno, I decided I needed to use them more. The last couple of days I have pulled them out, and put them on the dinner and breakfast table. Matt just laughs as I pour Milk in them for breakfast!! So we gave them to Landon after breakfast the other day, and as you can see he loves them too!
YEAH for Target, Fresno State and YEAH for my Fancy Cups! Virgin Margarita's anyone??


AngelaBeth said...

Ah! I wish I had those! The ones I have are from the dollar store and super thin. I'm afraid they'll crack all the time. I make a mean virgin margarita by the way!! haha

The Haynies said...

Love them! So cute. I think we should all pull out our fancy stuff to use on a daily basis. It is good for the soul.