Monday, June 22, 2009

I live in CRAZY TOWN! ~

So the Bird Family has had a couple of CRAZY days lately....
THURSDAY ~ Matt's Birthday
After being up late with a sick baby, and unruly toddler until 1:00 am I woke up early to make my hubby breakfast. He gets up early in the morning to get ready for work, and usually just gives me and the kids a kiss as we are still sleeping before he leaves. I wanted to make sure he knew we loved him, so I wanted to send him to work with a tummy full of yummy pancakes and fresh strawberries! Both the kids were still asleep, so it was a nice time for us to spend together eating a nice breakfast. He opened his presents and cards and headed out the door for work.

My husband sees birthdays as just another day, so he had no problem going to work. After he left I had to get Landon ready for a Doctor's Appointment that the Advise Nurse had made the night before, and get Hailey ready to go over to Aunt Ally's for some girl bonding fun! The day was nice, and we had lunch at Ally's house and then we went home to get dinner ready for Matt to come home. I made Chicken Roll Ups one of Matt's favorites, and for his "Birthday Cake" I made this Eclair Cake... We all enjoyed dinner and dessert and we sang Happy Birthday to Matt too. I had been working on this with Hailey for some time now, and she did OK. As you can see in the picture below Landon is still not really himself, but Daddy and Hailey were happy. Hailey is naked because she got dinner all over her... not because I leave my kids naked... haha
FRIDAY ~ Celebrating Just the TWO of us!
Uncle John and Aunt Ally offered VERY GENEROUSLY to watch our two kiddies for a chance for Matt and I to really get out and Celebrate his birthday. Of course we took them up on the offer, the kids LOVE them, and we trust them with our kids! It had started off nicely that morning because I got the test results back from Landon's apt. and he did not have Strep!! THANK GOODNESS! He just has a minor cold and soar throat. Poor Baby got lots of love and was held ALL DAY LONG! Mommy cleans house on Friday, and he even wanted to be held while mommy vacuumed! (that is why I have such BUFF arms!) Hailey was just the same old running all over all day long... no nap... but when it came time for Daddy and Mommy to leave, this is what happened...
Uncle John grabbed Pizza for them, and they shared with Hailey too. She is falling asleep as she eats her precious pizza. It really was a funny sight! She has done this before, but it was great that other people got to see how tired she gets!!
Matt and I went to Famous Daves for dinner, and then headed over to the movies. We saw the new movie that Matt was looking forward to seeing "Year One". We recommend it if you enjoy crude humor! We liked it!
We held hands, and talked, and laughed. We mostly talked about the kids because that is what we usually talk about, but we were talking about them without chasing them all over so that was nice! THANKS John and Ally for the date night out~ We SO needed it! ~

We woke up early Saturday and got all the weeds pulled on both sides of the house, and the garden ready so we could go and enjoy ourselves out on the lake. Matt wanted to go wakeboarding as part of his birthday present, so we made it happen. We decided to take Hailey with us, and we got our WONDERFUL friend Amalia to watch Landon for the day. She was very excited to watch him even though I warned her he was being a little fussy with getting over being sick and stuff. We went with John and Ally Jensen and Spencer and Lauren Baker. We decided to check out Eastman Lake on this trip, we had been there before and the Lake is beautiful. Unfortunately this time it was really choppy due to the windy day, and the water level was pretty low. We still had fun. Everyone who wanted to wakeboard did, then we decided to relax and anchor. We got Hailey out of her "nap shell" and soon she was jumping in the water off the back of the boat to open arms. I started feeling sick, and tried to eat and nap a little. (hence there are no pictures of this fun time that I am talking about) They ended up dropping me off at the dock and going out while I was sick... it ended OK... after a little throw up I was feeling better. It quickly came time for us to be back to pick up Landon. The water was looking nice so no one really wanted to head home. Luckily Lauren and I were ready so we headed for home and left everyone else to enjoy all the rest of the Lake Time they could. Matt said the only bad part to this day was me getting sick, so I am glad he enjoyed himself!! We got home, got the boat put up and went to bed! And let me tell you... I slept like a BABY that night! ~ SO NEEDED!
Here Hailey and I were again UP early in the morning getting Daddy a nice breakfast going. Matt requested Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Cider syrup. For those of you who have had these... your mouth is watering right?? For those of you who have not... I need to get you this recipe for sure! ~
Hailey helps me cook off and on now. She counts what I put in the bowl and she helps stir sometimes. I kept telling her these were going to be special for Daddy, and she liked that! She is getting to be such a sweetie.
So after breakfast we all relaxed and watched some US Soccer and some Golf. One of Matt's High School Friends was playing Golf... I forget his name... Ricky Barnes I think. (he ended up getting second place tying Phil Mickelson) And the US Soccer team was fighting to stay in the World Cup Finals. The US had to win 3-0 AND Brazil had to win their game 3-0 for them to advance... crazy huh? Well THEY BOTH HAPPENED and the US ADVANCED! And here I am looking forward to the next game on Wed vs. Spain! (I need to keep them in my prayers haha) Back to reality...
So we tried to go to church... really we did... But after Landon threw up on THREE of his church outfits (and one of mine) I told Matt it was not going to happen. So Matt headed to church because he needed to teach, and I stayed at home with the sick baby, and Hailey. Luckily for me Hailey took a nap, so Landon and I made a Peach Pie. The Kellogg girls brought over some Peaches from their yard a day earlier, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I got them! I also made another one of Matt's Favorite Dinners Shepherd's Pie pictured below. (You can see the adorable cards the kids got for Matt in the background.)
And it is just not a special occasion without Sparkling Cider! We had to get out some fancy cups to celebrate this Wonderful Day with my Wonderful Husband! ~ (the peach pie is in the background of this picture.)
So as you can see... we had TWO fun filled celebrations regarding Daddy... TWO sickos to tend to... and a WONDERFULLY CRAZY time doing it! Here is to MANY more Father's Day's to come! ~


Nichole said...

that cake looks amazing! We were also wondering how that movie was. It does look a little funny but we are slightly worried about crudeness. Now we know, thanks!

Bird is the Word said...

Nichole ~ The movie is really funny, there is just TOO MUCH Crude Humor... even for us!(haha) I guess the crude humor is more sexual crude humor which I did not enjoy as much as the really funny parts.